Hi, I’m Claridge! You may also call me Adgie if you’re not sure how to pronounce my name. (It happens a lot more than you can imagine.) I am a twenty-something English Literature graduate, freshly out-and-about from the school system. Yay!

I started this blog around 2013. Back then, I was a lost little kid trying to fix my messy college life. My dream then was to shift into another university program, English Literature, and become a rockstar. This blog has been there to chronicle the ups and downs of my life, revealed through books and dreams.

Come 2016, I finished college. Graduated from my dream degree. English major and employed! After a brief (year-long) hiatus, I revived my blog due to some of my workmates’ passion for blogging, writing, and creating a space for art and (general creativity, I guess.)

What To Expect

If you’re new to this area, expect to see a loooooot of romance novel reviews. I live and breathe romance novels, but I also have time to snack on some fantasy and historical fiction as well. No, this is not as academic or critical as the academic inside me may want. A lot of my reviews are fresh post-book regurgitation of feelings and musings. (Please do not tell my professors. Eep!)



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