[personal] filipino food i miss the most

(Because I’m currently snacking on some pricey siomai and milk tea, as if this were 2015 and I was in Area 2.)

The worst thing about being away is missing out on your usual food haunts. There are days when I felt like only Ate Fe’s sizzling sisig could cure me of my misery. (And yes, I acknowledge that I also had this mindset even before I moved here. #FoodIsLife) Someday, Doreen Gamboa-Fernandez will applaud me for the way I sing praises to food.

  1. Ate Fe’s Sisig. The first thing I will eat once I come back home. I swear to God, Maginhawa will be the first on my list. I will probably walk around Maginhawa-Malingap-Sikatuna area again, light a cig for all the memories I’ve had in that area. Crack open a bottle or three of Red Horse at Sarah’s or TK. Sober up at Mini-Stop with their Fried Chicken (that is way better than Jollibee’s!). Basically, relive my undergrad trash self. I miss it so much.
  2. Mang Larry’s Isaw/UP Food Crawl. Even as an undergrad, I could never keep up with the influx of new stores popping up all over the campus. There used to be a cute, rustic cafe by SOLAIR that vanished even before I graduated. Area 2 is a beast with an evolutionary rate Darwin would have been proud of. For sure though, the staples like LB shake and Mang Larry’s isaw will never be forgotten. (Also, maybe add a Snack Shack burger even though they are also fairly new to Area 2. I am old. I can still remember Area 2 with just LB and LKB.)
  3. FA Siomai and Arki Pantea. OHMYGOD. Now that I remember the Pantea, I get a mad craving for it. 😦 FA siomai with its heaps of fried garlic bits is just THE BEST. I can still remember my freshie days with my Chem 16 Cool Friends (they were all older than me) and they introduced me to All Things All Freshies Should Know About UP. They were cool.
  4. Waltermart Guiguinto’s Takoyaki. I’m pretty sure this is a franchised product, but I always forget its name. Anyway, it serves it purpose – to satisfy your takoyaki cravings, which is actually pretty niche if you think about it. I also miss Ganchan’s legit takoyaki but it’s so expensive. (It also just occurred to me that this should be a filipino food-themed post, but hey.)
  5. Gong Cha’s Earl Grey Milk Tea. 😦 When will Gong Cha open here in Dubai?


5 thoughts on “[personal] filipino food i miss the most

  1. “Area 2 is a beast with an evolutionary rate Darwin would have been proud of.”

    Truer words have never been spoken! There’s a place that sells all-Spam meals now (e.g. spamsilog, spam fries, spam burgers). There’s also an unli pasta place. Haha. I’m surprised you didn’t mention iskomai, although I’m not sure if it’s a recent addition to Area 2 or nah.

    Anyway, I didn’t know that you studied in UP. That’s awesome! Hello, fellow iska! ❤️

    1. Iskomai! And its iskorambol, yes yes. 💖

      Haha yes, I did! (I also used to be a chemical engineering major… and we actually met once before hehe. In one of ALCHEMES’ events hehe.)

      1. By “used to be”, does that mean you shifted out as well? 😮 And oh my god, I’m sorry I don’t remember meeting you. I have the worst memory ever, and I really believe I spent my engineering years only half-awake. 😂 But do you still remember what year we met?

      2. Oh!!! Oh my god. I remember now. I’m so sorry. I’m forever bad with faces. 😭 But wow, what are the odds that you’re a book blogger too! 💕

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