Life Update: The Things I Learned as a Literature Graduate

It has been a long while since I last updated this thing, and one of my last updates was even a promise of updating this blog more often.

Well. This is the excuse post.

The long while I was gone, I struggled with the kinds of passion I have in my life: my love for books, literature, and idk life? The reason why I made this blog in the first place is to create a portfolio of how I am as a reader, informed by the things I learn as I slowly get my degree in Literature and from my passion as a romance reader.

Ultimately, I was doing this blog to someday become an editor for some big publishing house and for the books, really.

And here’s the thing. Sometimes, passion leads us to the greatest things we thought we would never experience or have. But there are times it would just leave you uninspired and broken, and that is a risk of following passion. 

So, before going into an unannounced hiatus, I was struggling with my last year in the university. It was a challenging year, so to speak, and practically left no time for me to read for pleasure and review said imaginary-almost-impossible books. It was well worth it, though.

Now, I’m an Anglo-American Literature degree holder! My dream come true! One of the greatest time of life, to be real honest.

A few weeks after graduation, life was all peachy and everything seemed brimming with endless possibilities. After all, I just finished my dream course. I was feeling invincible. Until my dream job happened.

So yes, for a brief while, I was an editorial assistant for a local publishing house. It was all so surreal until it morphed into a nightmare I just want to wake up from. Someday, I’ll be able to have the guts to tell the story. And so, that’s the second reason why I haven’t been updating in a long while.

And since we’re updating each other, here’s a thing I’m working on: Writing.

I have never truly embraced or identified with being a writer. Mostly because I am not confident enough with my abilities. But then an opportunity opened up, and though I am deathly afraid of failing yet again, I am hoping that things would work out.

So, now what? 

Besides the writing thing I have going on, I plan to revive this blog, yes. But also to start reviewing Philippine books as well. If there was one good thing that came out with my brief stint as an editorial assistant, it was the discovery of how much I love Philippine Romance in English. And I’m really excited for this project!

Maybe the things that lead me some horrible experiences gave me this tiny but growing love for local books. Maybe it’s not all bad. We’ll just have to wait and see, eh?


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