REVIEW: The Deal by Elle Kennedy

Okay. So to be honest, I had been in a slump for the past five months – partly because school got (surprisingly!) really busy, and partly ‘coz I somewhat fell out of love with contemporaries and, I really, really don’t want to say that I fell out of love with reading (because those five months of slump were slumped over a shit ton of books and readings for school) because that is just so sad.

the deal
I’ve been picking up from my slump one book at a time. And I feel like this book just, really, made me fall in love with stories again. I fell in love with this book, no shame.

The Deal’s story should have been cliche and over-used and tired due to so many renditions of these Deal Tropes, but the one thing that Elle Kennedy did in this book that sets it apart from all these permutations of cliche is the palpable and intense chemistry of Garrett and Hannah from the very start until the last period of this book.

Most authors make the mistake of focusing on how to tweak the plot, to set them apart by the way of how their story would flow, not realizing that they are forgetting to taste the mix of characters – personality, the people, their circumstances, how would they fit with each other, what they bring into the story, and how the story would run with these characters in the tub. But a really good story doesn’t need a main character to die, or the point of ritual death be really complex and tragic; every element of the story should mix well and great and fit perfectly with each other. That’s the recipe for a really good story. And you’ll know you have one golden story in your hands when you managed to pull off a trope into something that makes people who fell out of love with the genre fall in love with it again.


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