The Will by Kristen Ashley

In the same fashion as the usual Kristen Ashley, this book felt like she pushed the boundary of creative writing too far in a bad way.

I think I’m not the only one who have given KA a large leeway regarding her writing. Because let’s be honest, while her stories are really fascinating, her writing makes you want to rewrite the whole thing. I know I did. But with the Rock Chicks and Fantasyland series, I really held myself back.
I think The Will is really promising, really good. But, come on. I just don’t get why she doesn’t write appropriately with her characters. Josie is an ice-cold bitch, that’s what her character is. She is ice-cold but she’s a real sunshine with unicorns inside. However I want to love her character, I just can’t bring myself to actually do so because she sounds so pretentious and fake. Like, no human alive will ever sound like that unless you are in the 1800s.

Another KA bad thing we’ve all turned a blind eye on is that her male characters are RINSE AND REPEAT. Every single one of them. At the beginning of the book, it felt like Jake would deviate from the KA-brand of dominant, alpha male. But a third-way of the book and he’s exactly like Lee,Eddie, Hector, Hank, Luke, Vance, and every alpha male KA has ever written. It’s kind of disappointing, but since I’ve already expected this, it only hurts a little.

And I’ve finally figured out why her writing sounds so awkward! KA has a habit of pointing out the obvious. She inserts unnecessary sentences that make the story-telling awkward and jars the momentum. Her sentences are, most of the time, in active voice and it loses its conviction, its power, and so it comes off grating to the mind. Her poor word choices and blatant disregard of using a word she just used (you writers know what I’m talking about) deliver the same feel as her repetitive active voice.

Usually, I forgive KAs disappointing writing style in favor of the story. With this book, I think she wanted to “revolutionize” with Josie’s character, but that ended up to be her downfall. It could have been good, but it was too unrealistic. She’s not a real human being, tbh. Just no.


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