REVIEW: Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge

cruel beauty

Ooooh where to begin? I am just so overwhelmed by this book. This is hands down the best adaptation of anything I have ever read in my entire life!

It’s not just Graceling + Beauty and the Beast. For me, it was more like Howl’s Moving Castle + Greek Mythology in one fantastic culmination of every fairy tale I have ever read! (Actually, this is more than true, because I feel like there was Cinderella, Bluebeard and Snow White in there. Gahd, so amazing.)

The story is very well made: seamless and flowing and riveting. It really urges the reader to think philosophically about life, the world, and the Truth. More than once I remembered Full Metal Alchemist, and you all have to read this book to see where I’m coming from! But yeah. It’s a very philosophical book.

The characters are perfectly created as well! Ohmygods, I loved Nyx so fucking much! I love characters you think they are all evil inside and they thought that their tragic flaw is that very evil they house inside them. But what they do not see is the heart, the space, that houses the evil is a kindness much larger and more nobler than anyone else in the book. Nyx have harbored this hatred against her sister for being kind and perfect, but it turns out that she’s the nobler one. It’s not the first time this happened in a character, but it’s very rare someone pulls this writing off. (Okay now that I’ve finished the story, I can see how aptly named she was. Hehe. No spoilers though.)

And Ignifex! Gods. GODS. I don’t know why I am so attracted with morally ambiguous characters. Maybe I have a complex I am not aware of. Huhu.

The ending is perfect. Everything about this book is perfect! Gahd. Ok, maybe I’m a little biased because I love retellings, but I think that’s what makes me know what’s good and not: There are a lot of retellings where everything is watered and dumber down the essence of the fairy tale gets spoiled. And this, this book is quite simply, magical.


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