Carpe Diem by Autumn Cornwell

carpe diem

Aside from the really pretty cover, Carpe Diem boasts a really enticing story of journey through the forests of Southeast Asia. The story starts a little slow and ugh, rather really formal and bland, but it does paint the character of Vassar really well. I love how as the reader go on to through the story, the pace picks up and everything slowly bursts into colors, like a true Southeast Asian sunset.

It’s also really fun. There are a lot of moments where I’ve suffered second-hand embarrassment because of Vassar’s antics. It was so fun! And her escapades were really thrilling. The book really captured my attention with its ups and downs. Although The Big Secret was predictable, it’s kind of anti-climactic how Vassar accepted the truth as easily. Although if you think about it, after all the events that happened in between the reveal and the explanation, The Big Secret comparatively loses it BANG. :))

The book made me want to travel to Cambodia and Malaysia and avoid going to the foresty places of Laos. It’s a good material to promote cultural awareness. (Although as a person from the region, it feels kind of weird to read this in a way that idk it’s like looking at SEA in the perspective of a Westerner and I guess it just wouldn’t feel as authentic as it could be for an Asian? Just. It feels weird for me, personally.)

(But at the end notes, Cornwell said that most of the experiences written on the book happened in real life, so I guess there’s that. But idk. Still felt weird to me.)

Maybe that’s just me, but go ahead and read this book! It’s a wonderful read, especially if you love the adventure type of books.


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