Better off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg

Let me tell you how much I love Elizabeth Eulberg: SO DAMN MUCH. And this book just made me love her even more.

better off friends

I don’t think anyone could have written a Friends-to-Lovers story as cute and endearing as Elizabeth did. If you think about it, the premise is simple and really not that super new, but the delivery packs a punch and hits where everyone can relate to. If this book were to take a shape other than a book, it would have been a stuffed toy: something so innocent, something we all shared in our childhood that whenever we see it, the warmth of nostalgia would wrap around our bodies and bring us back to that fluffy time.

I would have loved to have a Levi. I’m pretty sure it’s one of most girls fantasies, to have a super awesome guy for a best friend and eventually find their way into love. And also that fantasy of being with someone whom everyone around them just knew that they are gonna be together, and they are gonna be epic, because some people are just really meant to be together. Like, something would be wrong with the world if they wouldn’t get together. And those fantasies are basically this book, and if I could just snuggle up to this book, I would. It is that fluffy and adorable!


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