Review: Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell




Let’s start off as this started having the same feel as that of Flipped, maybe because it was a period piece, but either way it gave the same feel as Flipped in a very good way.

It probably is the way the story was delivered – in terms of the build-up and the evocative words (and believe me, I’ve highlighted so many chunks of this book!!) – that sets this apart from the usual high school teen romance and the dual POVs. I keep on thinking how, in formatting, it was the same as other books, but this is one example of how writing makes a difference. The choice of words will bring you that time and place where everything is ripe to possibilities, and where love is all that matters despite the bleakness of reality and the shiny glimmer of hope that we try very hard not to grasp too tightly.

I love the characterization of everyone in this book! Even the most minor of roles – Tina, Steve, Maisie, SABRINA!, PARK’S PARENTS (God, I have not read a couple as adorable and as realistic in terms of their parenting dynamics than Mindy and Harold.)

The only hung-up I have with this book is the ending. Like, oh come onnnnnn. You cannot just leave it at that!

So. If you still haven’t read this book, but you’ve added this to your To-Read list, well, pick it up now and READ IT NOW!


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