Review: Binding Arbitration by Elizabeth Marx


If you’re a fan of the NA genre and Sports Romances, then you should more than definitely read this book!

“We’re like an earthquake when we’re together.”

First up, this book was veryyyyy hard to find. But it was all worth it. 🙂 I initially gave it a try because I loooooove Sports Romances AND Legal Romances (y’know, lawyers and courtrooms and the shiz) AND the baby trope. Of course, the baby trope sinks me every time. So many books and authors have tried to make every single one of those genre/trope to work, but none have worked as beautifully and magically as Binding Arbitration did.

BA had a solid plot that would drive you to both ends of the emotional spectrum, has the stamina to capture your attention for the whole length of the novel, and best of all (at least, for me) the wonderful, wonderful writing style of the author.

“I would wake several times during the night, my body roused by a fleetig touch in her sleep, a whispered gasp on dreams fulfilled or a simple arch of her dreamlike self against mine, proving once and for all that my voracious need for her was far greater and more profound than even I could have imagined.”

I have never read smut as brilliantly worded as this one! It was sensual and evocative and emotionally-gripping. It made me realize that erotic scenes should not always be graphic and dirty. Yes, it is gritty and base, and that’s the way nature works.

But this is also literature. You use language in a way that is different from the way we normally use it. Yes, sex is graphic. You insert the penis into the vagina again and again. But what sets you apart as a writer from the common man is how you CAN describe this rather repetitive and clinical process as something otherworldly and evocative. It is more than your capability; it is your obligation to bring readers to perceive the world in a different light, bring a color filter, heighten the senses and offer a different lens than what was considered the norm.

For me, this book has been more than a simple read. It taught me that you can convey a story, a romance story at that, without throwing caution to the wind and follow the usual style of contemporary romance writers – which is to deliver it as one delivers an oral story, a deliverance that is no different from the language used in the everyday. A romance story can be sensual, and fluid as a river slicing a way through the woods – elegant and cutting.

“I circle your hands, I circle your heart. I mark with my brand, while we’re apart. I sparkle in both your joy and laughter, because I’m part of you ever after.”

I am more than glad I’ve stumbled upon this book! From the very beginning until the last page, the words just ripples through the pages. And believe me, if the potential language jolt doesn’t entice you to read this book, the story itself would. Give it a try; it will rip your soul out without any preamble.


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