HAULED!: One & Only by Viv Daniels


Smart, sexy, and the first book that have played the other family trope perfectly!

God, what did I love about this? Well, first of all, Tess is your usual heroine – in terms of her personality. Idk. It just feels that NA/YA females speak with the same voice, and have the same brand of humor, sarcasm and wit, and it gets really old after reading the 50868th NA/YA book.

What sets Tess apart was her angst, because she wears her angst like its her skin – naturally. The readers are given a background of who Tess is, what made her the way she is. But what I loved about this book is it explored so much of Tess’s thought process.

We began with a young Tess, wondering about her father’s rules, to her acceptance of their predicament. And step by step, we are privy to how she views herself, the people around her, her thoughts about her dreams and her feelings towards the only boy she had ever loved.

This book utilized the first-person POV very well. I don’t think I’ve read another book which used it and came out with these kinds of results.

I also loved how Dylan was this completely dorky, completely principled person, that these principles he holds dear are his flaws, too. Eventually, the weight of how their worlds have fallen would be reflected by how much Dylan have “sunk”. What I don’t like about Dylan is that he lacks story! Like, what made him him. There was no back story about him. If he didn’t know Tess halfway through the story, I would like to say the same to him. It feels like I’ve loved Dylan, but I still don’t know him. Which is a shame, ‘coz he’s so adorable. And because one has gotta love geeks.

This book is kinda hard for me to read, because bioengineering is close to my heart. It is where my dreams and my could-have-been’s lay, and now I just vicariously through these books. 🙂


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