HAULED!: Angelfall by Susan Ee

To be honest, I have zero knowledge about Angels and all these biblical things, aside from what I’ve gleamed from The Mortal Instruments, which although quite a bit, still lay on the trivial/bonus facts side of things rather than the basics. Of course, I’m not as innocent as to believe that angels are of the pure and kind line, (or maybe this is what I’ve picked up from TMI. idk.)


but Angelfall surely pounded that idea into my head even more.

It’s not bad, per se. The idea of angels being a dark and almost malicious is not an original idea, but I like the spin that they brought apocalypse, but humankind did not just watch it happen. I think this is the aspect that Angelfall comes as a novelty among Dystopian literature: in that it happens right at the crevice where two societies cleave. Like, apocalypse happened two months prior to the beginning of the story. The resistance is on its infancy. Not when the new form of government has been established. Not when the resistance has amassed power and ammunition and plans to overtake the world were polished.

We’re landed smacked dab into the chaotic part where every side has so many issues to be resolved before humankind is further obliterated.

I can’t wait for the sequel, though!:D


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