Yes, I am. I was just being my usual neglectful self, abandoning this blog for a whole effing semester.

Yep, I suck.

So, anyway. It’s Christmas break! Or at least the tailend of it, and New Year is looming over our heads, 2013 is bidding us adieu, and well, I really don’t want to leave this blog stagnant so I’m updating now! Yay! 

I will just publish all the reviews I gave on GoodReads, ‘coz I’m really too lazy to make full-blown reviews right now. BUT! I’ll be making a year-end list later (for real!) about the books that marked, shaped and basically made my 2013. :3

And, well, if anyone’s curious why I neglected this book blog for so long, as I’ve probably mentioned in a past post, I am now taking English Literature courses but I am still officially a non-major student. And I am so loving Lit! After wasting five years in Engineering, it finally felt like I could actually accomplish and survive college on my own, not being dependent on others, and totally rock classes! (Ish. I mean, I’m still not a stellar student, but I can fucking sail through classes now on my own! Hurray~!) Engineering school really did a number on me. (Pun not intended.)

 I’m not struggling with my academics or anything, I just got too preoccupied with this big of a change, and well, just being neglectful, really.

Oh! And me and my fanfiction writer friends have been meeting more lately, writing stories and fooling around. Mostly fooling around. I love them. This was the year we all got together, and in just a short time, I made really awesome friends, which I predictably also neglect.

I should really change that aspect of myself next year.

And those are the updates of my life! Blog updates to follow~


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