HAULED! Hydraulic Level Five by Sarah Latchaw


I really really liked this book, I swear. But, here are the points:

  • There isn’t really much to build up on. To be honest, the entire length of the book felt more dragging than necessary for me…
  • which leads us, I really really feel there shouldn’t be a second book. It could have been done in one go. It. Could. Have.

And if the second book doesn’t have anything exploding, I will torch something down. Basically, I’m just giving the series a benefit of the doubt. Maybe, the second book have something essential that the first book doesn’t.

(But I also think that ugh the book is done after the first. If you’re really planning on a second book, idk you should have put a tinge of mystery deeper than wanting to know what would happen to Kaye and Sam.)

The idea is good, intriguing and very enticing, even. Go ahead and read it. I will still read the sequel, duh. But. Hmmm. I’m just upset that books keep doing this to themselves: Dragging them out for more serializations when it could have been done in one book.


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