HAULED!: Clementine by R. Wilson

I was asked by the author to read her book, and I will be forever grateful for having the chance to do so. :3


“If souls are reincarnated Holden, you and I have lived a hundred lifetimes and maybe in everyone one, we’ve found our way to one another. You’re my one person; you’re my fate, Holden.”

Clementine is a wonderful debut book. It is wonderfully written, and I was so intrigued by the flashbacks the book has offered. Also, MEDICAL DRAMA. If you loved Grey’s Anatomy, you will love this. What I also loved about this book is it doesn’t simply revolve around Addison and Holden’s love story. It is a story about Addison going after her dreams. She didn’t throw away her dreams to stay and be with Holden, despite their very intense attraction. I always love that career over love decision things.

I absolutely love this part: “Ask me who my favorite kayaking partner is, Addy. Or who my favorite person to stargaze with is, my favorite person to laugh with, my favorite pair of eyes. My favorite smile. My favorite kiss.”

Although at the beginning, it felt like characterization of every character seemed flimsy, the characters eventually found their shapes.

It may not be super stellar, like Nicholas Sparks level, but I believe R. Jean Wilson is going to be a wonderful author someday, if this book is any indication. I really, really would love to see more of her works. Because this book? It is a very good read . I recommend this to everyone who wants to feel great about life and love, and to believers of fate and destiny, like me. 🙂


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