i am the WORST blogger ever!

Seriously, it’s been what? 2 weeks?

I promise I’m alive, though. I was just caught up with school, nope not school extra curricular things, like writing fanfiction. I am so not sorry, but uhmmm maybe a little?

I have legit explanation, though! So please hear me out, before you unfollow me. *sobs*

(Oh! And before I forget. Thank you for following me, y’all! You are all lovely and wonderful people for giving me a chance to speak my mind despite being an absentee blogger for weeks now. *sobs* Thank you so much for following me!!!)

I have recently read The Grisha Series by Leigh Bardugo, and I was just so SUCKED IN by that series! I swear, it’s not even funny how much that series consumed my life in the two days I’ve spent reading it. (I will be posting a very emotional, very biased review on The Grisha Series soon! Watch out. It’s gonna be epic.)

And so why exactly didn’t I write a review after I read the series?

It’s because I just love that story so much I decided to write a fanfiction about it! Sort of. See, there is this character there–the Darkling–and he’s all sorts of evil and manipulative, which in my book translates to I will love your character to death!

(Because it is my greatest frustration be a manipulative character in real life, too. But sadly, I am too, uhm, not smart (?) to actually pull off that.)

<spoiler alert!>

I just think the Darkling is just one misunderstood character. He is evil, ambitious, and greedy, but I think he just believes that he has the capacity to change the ways of their nation, which he sees is corrupt and unjust. He uses people, and lies to achieve his goals, but I truly believe that he really likes Alina, in the most sincere way he knows.


Anddd I will stop there before I get too carried away by my love for the Darkling.

In my life, there is this one constant thing that I will love forever and ever, and that is my OTP, SasuSaku. (In the anime Naruto, because once upon a time, I was an otkau. Teehee.) And basically, the reason why I am MIA is because I am trying to infuse the idea of the Grisha in a SasuSaku fanfiction.

Of course, what I wrote pales in comparison to the Grisha series, but I just need to explain how I see the Darkling! So I projected my feels into my OTP.

So, there you go. That’s my explanation.

I promise to write a review real soon! Probably next week, after my second reading of the series. 😀 So I can finish my fanfiction, too. *creys* It’s starting to consume me, to be honest.

Also, I will probably read the Angelfall series next week, too! So watch out, watch out. (I’ve been reading tons of contemporaries, too. But eh. Do y’all want some contemp recs?)

I’m alive and well, and I’ll see y’all next week!:D



Disclaimer: I do not own The Grisha Series. They all belong to Leigh Bardugo, and I swear to the creator of Beowulf that I do not and will not profit from deriving stories out of her amazing books. Go read that series to add more awesomeness to your lives, though!


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