HAULED!: Twisted Perfection by Abbi Glines

This will be, hands down, the best Abbi Glines novel for me. I’ve read the Vincent Boys and Too Far series, and I have to admit I only read her works to find an immediate HEA fix with only a few emotional attachments.

But this book! I was so not ready for Woods and Della.

twisted perfection

First stop, Della was captivating. I would credit my attachment to Della to Abbi Glines’ wonderful writing, because I’ve read my fair share of dark, tortured souls, but there is something about Della’s persona that made her more realistic by her being multifaceted, for the lack of a better word. She is so innocent and naive, so thirsty for real life experiences, and yet equally as dark and self-prophesying about her future. She is wild and carefree, yet careful with her darkness. It may sound an absurd character through my descriptions, but really, this contrast in her personality is what drew me to her.

Personally, I didn’t like Woods from the Too Far series. He did have this one moment on that series, but I doubted he would captivate me as much as Rush Finlay did. BUT DAMN WOODS BABY YOU CAN CAPTIVATE ME NOW IN WHATEVER WAY YOU WANT UGHHHHHHHH

So first stop. Same with Aestas, I freaking loved Woods’ dirty mouth. Good lord, give me a handsome man any day, sinfully sexy, but my greatness weakness will always be a man who knows how to use his mouth properly.

And yes, in all the dirty meaning you all perverts could ever interpret that!! :))))

I guess, if I were to really analyze what about Woods that won me over would be how I actually felt his character shift from one paradigm to another. It has been made pretty clear from the beginning that he has only known the life he had growing up–and this also is a brilliant parallel with Della’s life, that they only knew the lives they lived, but they have different perspective on how to spend their future–and that he actually wanted that life. You can see how he is willing, but not really happy, to throw away a chance to live for himself, really for himself, because he doesn’t know what it he really is throwing away. It wasn’t a problem for him, it wasn’t a loss, because he did not know anything outside what he had always thought was his birthright. And it wasn’t a priority of his. The Golf Club was a priority. And that’s what he always wanted.

And then Della happened.

If there would be one flaw about this book that irked me, it would be that I think I found it lacking the way they fell for each other. Yes, there is an intense attraction between them, but I found it given to us readers like we were being handed out facts. Maybe. I mean, it IS possible that Della maybe “falling” for Woods, but it could also be that she is just being co-dependent on Woods. It is a possibility. And who’s to say Della would know the difference between the two. Although falling in love and co-dependency does go hand in hand, sort of. Anddddd i dont’ know for Woods.

BUT. What I do applaud is although I am doubtful of how Woods actually fell for her aside from his intense attraction with Della, is how grew into an amazing man. A man who knows how to stand on his own feet, make his own decisions, follows what he wants, and from where he started? That is one intense turnabout. And for that I am deeply awed by Woods.

(But I guess his turnabout could be treated as a proof of his love for Della. Ughhh. I am just not sold though. Sorry. >.<)



I had never seen that coming. I was having an ominous feeling of how the book would end, since a few pages before it ends, it seemed like Woods and Della would overcome the obstaclesssss. And then, BOOM!

Yep. Totally blindsided me. Wonderful. Loved it.

(I was rooming with my Mum and she was already asking me to just continue reading the following day, and by the time I reached the end, she was already dozing off. DO YOU GUYS KNOW HOW MUCH SELF-CONTROL IT TAKES NOT TO ACTUALLY MAKE NAY KIND OF NOISE AFTER THAT ENDING??? I was silently flailing and crying and basically falling apart on mute.)


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