starting a new chapter!

I know I haven’t posted for quite a while since starting this book blog, mainly because I’m feeling lazy about the reviews I’ve done before in GoodReads and well, school. I am feeling a bit regretful of my Goodread reviews, and I really really want to review new books here in this blog. BUT I realize I have already made so much progress on my GoodReads account. I don’t want to leave that and those reviews either.

So I told a friend of my dilemma, and she suggested I just haul my reviews from GR to here, so yeah. That’s what I’m gonna do for this weekend.

So watch out for the massive book reviews coming up your dashboards!

Also, SCHOOL!!! I know you guys probably don’t even want to hear about my life, but I’m still telling you anyways. So. I have been attending uni now for five years. Yep, that’s right! 5 years. And still not graduating anytime soon. This is because A.) Yes, I’m a delinquent student and B.) I am conflicted with my life choices.

I started out uni as an engineering major. A Chemical Engineering major, to be exact. I graduated from a Science-Specialized high school, so pursuing a degree in the field of Science and Technology is expected, as well as legally binding. However, along the way I realized I am not fit to pursue chemical engineering. I wanted to do so much in my life, like be a doctor, a writer, an award-winning writer, published writer, a biomedical engineer, a laboratory researcher, a lawyer, a diplomat.

And eventually, I have begun to lose my heart in degree, dreaming up scenarios where I will be what I want to but not as a chemical engineer. I guess, this is where my failure stemmed from.

I do admit I am not the most diligent student. I used to get by when I was in high school. Fairly decent student. Persevering was the word my Calc teacher used. But then college. Man, I don’t know. Gradually, the failures I’ve been getting started to weigh me down until I have totally lost my interest in learning.

And so this academic year, I filed an application to be a non-major student, meaning I can take several major subjects from other degree programs until I find which one wanted to major in. Which, I do not need anymore. Ish. Because I am a superstitious little girl, I took this as a sign that I may now pursue the degree I have always thought I wouldn’t have the chance to: English Studies!

(Okayyy I can now hear your groans about how I am throwing away my life by pursuing a degree in English.)

So you see, I chose to try to major in English because that’s what I always do in my life: read and write. In pursuing this, whatever I do in my spare time will contribute (ish) to my academic life.

My parents are not exactly thrilled, but they’re supportive. They just told me to really really mean this decision, and try hard to get a job after graduating. Haha. Funny bunch.

TL;DR: I am hauling my GoodReads reviews here in this blog, and also I am now trying to officially pursue a degree in English.


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